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The Proven Strategy My Female Clients  Used to Attract Their Amazing Partners

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Taught by a Stanford educated healthcare practitioner turned dating coach, you'll discover:

  • What guys think, but don't say, about successful women.

  • How to stop wasting time on broken men and fixer-uppers.

  • Why you don't need years of therapy to be relationship-ready. 

  • And, how to attract high-value men that are committed, faithful, and excited to celebrate all your success! 

​You've come to the right place:

  • If you can't believe how you can have so much success elsewhere in your life, but not in love...

  • If you know something needs to change...

  • And if you're ready to discover what a life of deeply fulfilling love looks like, then you've come to the right place! Check out the free Masterclass and then book your free call!


"Jim has taught me to trust myself and to listen more to my internal voice rather than external factors. He helped me own my desire for a radical type of love. Shortly after working with him, I met the love of my life. I feel more in touch with my soul than ever before. I have been to so many therapists and I'm a therapist myself. No one has ever helped me the way he has. Not by a landslide." -Nicole, Therapist

To Recommit or to Move On?

  • Check out this class if you're uncertain about whether to stay or move on from a relationship. 

  • A step-by-step gameplan on how to transform anxiety and to make a decision from a place of flow and alignment instead of fear.

  • A proven, one-of-a-kind, strategy to end the doubt and confusion, and to be honored and cherished, no matter which relationship is chosen.

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Welcome to Your New Love-Filled Life

Hi! I'm James Rohr, a love and dating coach, acupuncturist, podcaster and author. I'm devoted to helping successful women reconnect with their hearts to live their best lives. And I know that the best life is one with a loving and committed partner. 

I've helped women from all over the world change their dating and relationship patterns so they can overcome doubt and anxiety to attract amazing, and available, men. We customize a dating strategy that fits their unique mind/body/spirit constitution so they can invite in high quality, committed partners for a love that lasts. 

Dating from a deficit is a dangerous approach. And when you're used to always being the rock for everyone else can create difficulty in the pursuit of romantic connections. Finding the time to go out, much less the energy, is often a battle in and of itself.

Plus, giving so much all day makes it easy to attract unavailable men, fixer-uppers, or those with just a glimmer of hope! No wonder staying late at work, or staying in on the day off, is so appealing!

But, there's a different way to. I've created a proven strategy, based on working with women just like you, to attract powerful love. 

Check out the masterclass and let me know what you think. 

It's time to invite in that love once and for all so you can discover just how sweet life is with an amazing partner. 

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