• James Rohr

Not Your Responsibility

This one will be short and sweet: 

You are not responsible for a guy’s feelings. 

Whether it’s an email sent via an app, a text exchange that has run its course, or accepting a date and then not wanting another one, his disappointment, frustration, desire, whatever, is his shit, not yours. 

His feelings are not your responsibility. 

Don’t let overwhelm get in the way of your manifesting love. 

You aren’t beholden to the men you date, and especially not the guys who are just reaching out for a connection. It’s nice to treat others as you wish to be treated…you know, date how you would like to be dated.

Carry yourself with integrity. Respond to those texts or emails with an attitude of consideration, instead of needing to caretake a virtual stranger's feelings, and it won’t lead to overwhelm. 

There’s a lot of noise and static in the dating world. Change the frequency you’re tuned into and free yourself from their bullshit. 

Keep scrolling, swiping, connecting with those that you get excited about.

And let God sort out the rest.

Be kind.

Be considerate.

Have boundaries.

And know that you don’t have to take care of every guy who sees your picture or that you’ve said ‘hello’ to. 

Do you have a problem with boundaries?

Do you feel like you give away all your energy?

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