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And if you liked the part of the webinar about tongue diagnosis, you can email a picture of your tongue and we'll discuss on your call! 


 "After pretty much a life of unsatisfactory romantic relationships which were always in conflict with my longing to connect, the road to a good and fulfilling relationship was painful and full of mysteries I wasn't able to decipher for myself.

Jim was not only generous and kind, but he also showed up authentic and wise.  Jim, always free from "guru" ego, has an art for asking the right questions and inviting you to live from your authenticity.

Today I am in a loving, committed, healthy relationship with a wonderful man, and I credit Jim with helping me overcome many of the blocks to finding my right partner while setting boundaries. After many years of therapy and life-coaching courses, I can sincerely say I got unique coaching and insights from Jim." -Jennifer, Life Coach

"Jim has taught me to trust myself and to listen more to my internal voice rather than external factors. He helped me own my desire for a radical type of love. Shortly after working with him, I met the love of my life. I feel more in touch with my soul than ever before. I have been to so many therapists and I'm a therapist myself. No one has ever helped me the way he has. Not by a landslide." -Nicole, Therapist

 "Deep down I knew I didn’t have to change my external appearance. I KNEW I had to change my energy. I saw your ad and it totally resonated with me. Working with you, you helped me stop pursuing a guy I thought I was into. You helped me to stop seeking approval from men in an unhealthy way. You’re good positive energy! You say things that I want to listen to without feeling sensitive or attacked.  Who would’ve thought that six months after we started together I would be engaged?! Thank you so much!" -Clara, Dentist 

"I just wanted to send you an update here as things have continued to take a turn for the best. The guy I was dating and I are officially exclusive, no more apps, just a refreshing new relationship. It’s been a lot of fun working on sharing more of myself. And he makes it so easy since he’s a lot more sensitive than previous men I’ve dated.

Also, crazy part here-I ended up also getting the promotion and the raise!

Thank you again for being the leader on this new approach to life. It's been an amazing, transformative 8 weeks. If you ever need a testimonial, I'm your girl." -Maria, Physical Therapist

"I know he's my person! He's a great travel partner and we have even more fun just running errands together. We are talking about buying a house together, getting married, and having kids. That's completely new territory for me, but he encourages me to open up and communicate and wants me to feel safe. I'm so glad I was able to move thru my usual anxious attachment so this could happen! Thank you so much!" -Jennifer, Psychologist

"Prior to starting this program, I was feeling really trapped in negative relationship cycles and beliefs about relationships. This led to a lot of stress around feeling unsuccessful and hopeless when it came to dating. The work I did pushed me to take accountability for what I was pulling into my life so I could shift my focus to what I do want. I now feel lighter, dating feels easier, and I'm attracting kinder and more honest men. There is just more space in my life for gratitude, joy and connection." -Whitney, Teacher

"Jim walks me through the path to becoming a wiser human being, more connected with my essence. I'm finally showing up in my relationships like my best self. He is a special being, with supernatural powers that can see things in this plane and the other. You can talk with him, but really talk, freely, without being judged, without being analyzed, you can release, and he always listens and comes back to you with knowledge that is so accurate and helpful that is impossible to ignore. He is the real thing. Bullshit free. Smart, funny, knowledgeable, and kind. He is not just ONE thing, he is all of them. The full package." -Mariquel, Entrepreneur 

“Let me just start by saying, I’m a skeptic. But, I’m now convinced that James Rohr is the real deal. When I first met James, I was just not feeling at all like myself. I was making good salary and enjoyed my clients, but I was gaining weight around my belly, and I absolutely hated the office environment. I had inadvertently joined the walking dead-inside. I cried because I had given up hope. Then, it started shifting.  Today my life feels transformed. And next week, I move into the luxury apartment I had imagined with the floor-to-ceiling windows where I’ll be running my own business from home. My weight has begun dropping off with ease, and my relationship feels so much more connected. My advice to anyone who is unsure if this works, give it a try; he might just transform your life, too.” Cole, Entrepreneur